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Module 1

Course Overview & Goals

Module Overview

What is ‘impact-financial integration’? How does impact-financial integration enable impact-informed decision-making?

This module provides an overview of impact-financial integration and a roadmap for the rest of the course.

Impact for Decision-Making

For investors new to impact management, it is common to start by considering impact primarily at the beginning and end of the investment process: filtering the pipeline to focus on certain kinds of companies, and reporting on impact post-investment. This approach, however, risks leaving impact, financial returns, or both on the table. Optimizing portfolio performance involves integrating impact alongside financial considerations at every step of the investment process.

Course Overview & Goals

Impact-financial integration is based on three essential questions:

  1. Which investments offer more expected impact?

  2. Which investments are more attractive financially?

  3. How can we use the answers to these questions to improve the performance of our portfolio(s) over time?

This online curriculum is designed to help you build a set of customized impact management tools and investment processes to answer these questions.

Getting Started Kit

Before you start your impact-financial integration journey, it is helpful to take stock of your current impact management practices and priorities. 

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