Sequence 03
Module 6


Module Overview

How do investors translate impact goals into an impact rating? Where do they start?

Modules 6 through 12 provide a step-by-step guide of the key concepts, questions, and challenges involved in building an impact rating, using an impact rating template built on the Five Dimensions of Impact framework from the Impact Management Project.

This module addresses the What dimension. This dimension incorporates the relative priority that investors assign to different kinds of outcomes into the way they assess an investment’s impact. Ideally, these priorities are informed by the views of the affected stakeholders.

Sequence Overview - Building an Impact Rating

Before we get started, we’ll breakdown how we’re going to work through each dimension of our our impact rating template over the next seven modules.

Key Concepts: Impact vs. outcome, output vs. outcome

People often use the words ‘impact’ and ‘outcome’ interchangeably. When setting up the WHAT dimension of your impact rating, you can avoid confusion by using each of those terms to have a specific meaning.

Building an Impact Rating: What

The What dimension of an impact rating prioritizes investments based on the kind of impact they are associated with. In this section of your impact rating, you will translate the What dimension of your portfolio-level goals into a set of scoring criteria that you will use to evaluate the What dimension of an investment’s impact.

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