COHORTS FAQsWe’ve collected some of the top questions here about our cohort program.

Top questions and answers

Yes – We offer two programs, Strengthening Impact Management and Impact Financial Integration. The former provides a broader coverage of impact management in general. The latter is our intensive program focusing on the five steps of impact-financial integration, as well as advanced concepts in impact management. Please visit here for more information about our programs.

Yes – our cohorts typically consist of participants who range from entry level / associates/analysts to middle managers / fund managers/heads of impact at their respective organizations.

No, but – we are launching a series of research and consensus-building efforts on challenges faced by practitioners in the impact management space, and interested cohort members will be invited to participate in these efforts.

  • Which investments or loans create more or less impact and how do we know?
  • How can we communicate the financial and impact performance of portfolios in a more integrated way?
  • Which types of impact increase risk-adjusted financial returns; which require a financial concession; and which have no relationship with financial performance?
  • Which investments or loans make more or less money?
  • How can we use insights about impact and profitability to inform decision-making on individual investments, and to improve the impact and/or the financial performance of the portfolio as a whole?

There is no expectation. We won’t push you to a model that you don’t want. We are here to help you achieve your organization’s goals

You are not expected to share confidential information, either impact or financial.

  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Impact management for equity (gender, racial, other)
  • Measuring and managing investor contribution
  • Impact risk
  • Navigating and implementing existing principles and standards
  • Avoiding and mitigating negative impacts; ESG and screening-based approaches
  • Additional themes selected based on investor interest

Several consulting firms support investors in developing custom approaches to impact management and can also provide support on impact-financial integration. Impact Frontiers does not provide consulting services, nor do we have partnerships with consulting firms. However, we are happy to have a conversation to learn more about your needs and provide suggestions. We hear from investors that our longer-term investor cohorts are complementary to short-term, targeted consulting engagements, and that investors can benefit from both.

No matter where you are, there are steps you can take. Learn more here