Mission & VisionImpact Frontiers is a peer learning and market-building collaboration, developed with and for investors

Impact Frontiers about mission

Our focus is on usefulness and practicality for investment decision-making.

To achieve this, we lead with questions, and facilitate interactions that help investors come up with their own answers, based on their strategy, context and data. Collaboration unlocks learning and innovation in addressing the challenges we face.


The urgency of the social and environmental challenges we face makes it imperative that investors allocate capital to impact accurately and efficiently.


Our mission is to catalyze and accelerate investors’ integration of impact alongside financial risk and return into their investment practices.


We envision a world where all investors are able to make and manage investments considering their integrated financial, social, and environmental goals.

Facilitating investors to learn together

We facilitate peer-learning communities and create practical tools that support investors in managing impact and integrating impact with financial data, analysis, and processes.

Impact Frontiers also stewards the norms and consensus-building practices pioneered by the Impact Management Project. We use practitioner experiences to jump-start consensus-building in areas of practice where standards and guidance do not yet exist, and synthesize and share the results of these collaborations with the field at large.

Our five-year goal is for investors across all major geographies and asset classes to be able to integrate impact into their investing.

To this end, our strategy of growth through partnerships with industry associations and open-access content is designed to support the greatest possible number of investors to integrate impact into their decision-making as quickly as possible. 


Root Capital implements “Efficient Impact Frontier” Approach


"Toward the Efficient Impact Frontier" published in SSIR


First investor cohort launched


Impact Frontiers migrates to Impact Management Project


Root Capital implements “Efficient Impact Frontier” Approach


Handbook published synthesizing findings of first cohort


Six investor cohorts launch; IMP concludes


Cohorts launched in partnership with CASE @ Duke's Fuqua School
Frequently Asked Questions

Impact Frontiers is a program of the Bridges Impact Foundation, a 501(c)3 based in the United States.

Impact Frontiers is not a framework. We help you better understand and implement existing impact frameworks and standards, and integrate them alongside the financial considerations you also manage. We are framework-inclusive and open to diverse methods of incorporating impact into investment decision-making.

We do not provide consulting services, but are happy to provide referrals.