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DATE: July 19, 2023
STATUS: Finalized

The ABC of Impact: Modifications and Clarifications, 2023

In 2023, Impact Frontiers facilitated a public consultation on the ABC of impact classification methodology created through the Impact Management Project (i.e., Act to avoid harm, Benefit stakeholders, and Contribute to solutions), with support from the Tipping Point Fund on Impact Investing. This process began with a desk review of publicly-available written examples of investors using the ABC of impact, as well as interviews with investors and impact management consultants. This led to initial proposals for possible modifications that Impact Frontiers shared via a public consultation document and a series of open-invite webinars in which practitioners provided feedback and suggestions.

On the basis of this public consultation process, we proceeded with modest changes intended to increase the clarity of the concepts and consistency of usage by practitioners. The outcomes of this process (which is now complete) are presented in a white paper.

The white paper:

  • Presents an overview of the current usage and challenges with the ABC of impact;
  • Presents modifications and clarifications to address those challenges; and,
  • Re-emphasizes key points underpinning this system.

Additionally, in 2024 the Norms pages of the Impact Frontiers website will be updated to reflect the results of this consultation.

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