New Frontiers | Our ApproachWe facilitate consensus-building in areas in which standards and guidance do not yet exist

Impact Frontiers aggregates, synthesizes, and shares new practices that can help investors to increase their impact, building on the content and facilitation practices pioneered by the Impact Management Project.

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The typical process


Identify Topics

We identify significant challenges in impact management faced by practitioners in our community of cohort members and industry partners.


Conduct Initial Review

Review existing approaches and materials on the topic and synthesize findings in an interim paper intended to solicit views and suggestions from investors and others.


Publish Discussion document

In compiling the interim paper, we will conduct interviews with a large number of investors and other related parties to ensure that the contents are in line with actual practice. 


Open for Public comment

The interim report will then be open for public comment on the Impact Frontiers’ Discussion Board and on live, online, open-invitation ‘huddles’ on each topic.


Publish consensus document

The paper will be finalized based on the feedback received and published in Our Work

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