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September 23, 2021

Everyone knows that companies have both positive and negative impacts on people and on the environment. Investors are also increasingly recognizing that their  investments do too. But, consensus on how to manage those impacts is lacking.

In 2020, the Impact Management Project (IMP) – in partnership with the Predistribution Initiative – asked its community of practitioners to consider and debate areas where investors – separately from the enterprises they finance – engage in practices that result in social and/or environmental harm, and amplify systemic risks (or systematic risks to investors’ portfolios). Impact Frontiers, as an initiative of the IMP, led the IMP’s participation in this effort.

The perspectives of the community, which took place over a series of interactive webinars and via the IMP’s online forum, have been synthesised into this discussion document.

The document includes a collection of example investor contribution metrics suggested by practitioners. The metrics encompass both positive and negative investor contributions, with the aim of creating a balanced set of metrics for future use by investors. However, these metrics have not yet received market and stakeholder feedback.

We invite you to submit your feedback via the form below by the end of December 2021. We will consolidate your feedback and publish an interim set of revised metrics in March 2022.

This is the first step in a wider process of engagement on the subject, which will continue through 2022. You can indicate your interest in receiving updates to these metrics, along with invitations to workshops on this topic, via the form below.




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