Impact Frontiers launches new cohort in partnership with Impact Capital Managers

Impact Frontiers has launched its sixth investor cohort this year in partnership with Impact Capital Managers (ICM) – our largest cohort to-date with 30 leading venture capital, private equity, debt and real estate fund managers. The considerable number of participating investors and the diversity of their asset classes, investing stages, and impact themes will enable cohort members to compare practices and standards among […]

Impact Frontiers to Incorporate the Resources Facilitated by the Impact Management Project (IMP)

Impact Frontiers will become the home for the full set of resources developed by the Impact Management Project (IMP)’s community of practitioners. With this transition, Impact Frontiers will become a hub where investors can: learn about concepts such as the five dimensions of impact and the four investor contribution strategies; see how other investors are integrating these […]

Share your feedback to improve investor contribution metrics

Everyone knows that companies have both positive and negative impacts on people and on the environment. Investors are also increasingly recognizing that their  investments do too. But, consensus on how to manage those impacts is lacking. In 2020, the Impact Management Project (IMP) – in partnership with the Predistribution Initiative – asked its community of practitioners to consider and debate areas where investors – separately from the enterprises they finance – engage in practices that […]

Round-Table with Impact Frontiers Regional Partners

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A roundtable discussion with:  Mike McCreless, Executive Director, Impact Frontiers  Kelly Gauthier, Managing Director and Partner, Rally Assets  Kevin Teo, Chief Operating Officer, AVPN Hosted by Akira Nakahara, Founding Partner at A/B Partners and Senior Advisor, Impact Frontiers   Impact Frontiers is launching cohorts in Canada and Asia with regional partners Rally Assets and AVPN. The goal: to […]