NEWS & PRESSWaterEquity contributes inaugural case study for new Impact Frontiers series on impact-financial integration

February 2, 2022

WaterEquity, an asset manager exclusively focused on the global water and sanitation crisis, has published an insightful case study with Impact Frontiers on utilizing impact and financial integration to make informed capital allocation decisions despite sometimes having limited availability of impact data.

During its participation in Impact Frontiers’ inaugural cohort in 2019, WaterEquity developed their impact-financial integration plan, impact score, and internal rate of return (IRR) calculator to sharpen their portfolio growth strategy. The case study covers the journey the team underwent to build a strategy that would best align with their portfolio goals despite having limited data about impact in the early stages of pipeline building and portfolio construction.

Mike McCreless, Executive Director of Impact Frontiers, commented, “WaterEquity’s case study provides a valuable look underneath the hood of how a leading fund is developing new ways to incorporate impact into portfolio growth strategy. It is a perfect way to launch our new series of case studies and we are grateful to Genevieve Edens and the WaterEquity team for being willing to share their experiences.”

Genevieve Edens, Director of Impact and ESG of WaterEquity, commented, “As WaterEquity worked with Impact Frontiers to help build out our impact-financial integration plan, we learned valuable lessons in how to use less than perfect impact data in the early stages of portfolio construction that we are happy to share across the impact investment community to further build our collective knowledge around impact measurement and management (IMM) tools, resources, and integration.”

WaterEquity Case Study: Setting Portfolio Growth Strategy


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