How it Works

“We found a lot of value in the cohort model. The sequence of workshops consistently challenged me to think ahead to the next step as we built our new impact management approach. I gained an amazing set of peers to go to for technical questions on impact ratings and how to build consensus with our internal team and board.”

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Caitlin Rosser
Calvert Impact Capital

Spirit of the Collaboration

  • Safe forum in which leading investors can experiment with new approaches, learn from peers, and advance shared goals
  • 100% confidential – all workshops are held under Chatham House Rules and materials you share will be kept confidential under NDA
  • Carefully selected field-building partners will also participate in the design and delivery of group interactions, and will be expected to honor our rules of engagement
  • Direct engagement of Impact Frontiers with each investor partner. Impact Frontiers will participate in the design and delivery of all group interactions

Join the Global Cohort Community

  • Engage with other cohorts across regions and asset classes and lean on a global network of leading investors addressing similar challenges
  • Incorporate relevant practices and tips generated across all Impact Frontiers cohorts

  • Advance the state of practice in the sector
  • Access best-in class support through webinars, workshops and working groups


We are often asked about our role, how we work, and what we offer. We’ve collected some of the top questions here:

  • Is Impact Frontiers an impact framework?

    No.  We help you better understand and implement existing impact frameworks and standards, and integrate them alongside the financial considerations you also manage.

  • As an asset manager, what kind of questions will I be better equipped to answer?
    • Which investments or loans create more or less impact and how do we know?
    • How can we communicate the financial and impact performance of portfolios in a more integrated way?
    • Which types of impact increase risk-adjusted financial returns; which require a financial concession; and which have no relationship with financial performance?
    • Which investments or loans make more or less money?
    • How can we use insights about impact and profitability to inform decision-making on individual investments, and to improve the impact and/or the financial performance of the portfolio as a whole?
  • As an asset owner, what kind of questions will I be better equipped to answer?
    • Which asset managers offer the greatest positive impact?
    • How can we better understand asset managers’ impact and support them in improving it?
    • How can impact inform capital allocations within and across asset classes?
    • How can we aggregate and communicate the impact performance of multi-asset class portfolios?
  • What is the impact/financial return expectation?

    There is no expectation. We won’t push you to a model that you don’t want. We are here to help you achieve your organization’s goals. 

  • Do I have to share data with you?

    You are not expected to share confidential information, either impact or financial.

  • What are some cross-cutting themes across cohort events?
    • Stakeholder feedback
    • Impact management for equity (gender, racial, other)
    • Measuring and managing investor contribution
    • Impact risk
    • Navigating and implementing existing principles and standards
    • Avoiding and mitigating negative impacts; ESG and screening-based approaches
    • Additional themes selected based on investor interest
  • Are you consultants?

    We do not provide consulting services, but are happy to provide referrals.

  • What if I want more support?

    Several consulting firms support investors in developing custom approaches to impact management and can also provide support on impact-financial integration.  Impact Frontiers does not provide consulting services, nor do we have partnerships with consulting firms. However, we are happy to have a conversation to learn more about your needs and provide suggestions.  We hear from investors that our longer-term investor cohorts are complementary to short-term, targeted consulting engagements, and that investors can benefit from both.

  • What if I don’t feel ready to take this on? 

    No matter where you are, there are steps you can take.  Learn more here.