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March 27, 2024

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Dear Impact Frontiers Community,
Happy New Year! We are writing to share Q4 2023 updates on our consensus-building initiatives, cohort programming, and events.
2024: The Year of the “WHO”! Advancing Social Equity through IMM
As investors increasingly commit to racial and gender equity in their investment strategies, impact management practices for social equity can help manage performance and ultimately facilitate better outcomes for underserved communities. Over the next year, Impact Frontiers will be working to center social equity in impact management through two new initiatives. First, we are thrilled to announce a new social equity field building project supported by the Tipping Point Fund on Impact Investing to build consensus on impact management practices to advance social equity! We will be synthesizing knowledge across the domains of racial equity, gender equity, and data equity to:

  1. Incorporate a social equity perspective throughout the Norms of impact management (facilitated by the IMP and now stewarded by Impact Frontiers), ensuring that any practitioner using the Norms to develop their IMM framework will do so with a baseline level of social equity awareness and competency
  2. Develop guidance on overarching IMM practices for investors allocating capital to social goals so they may better understand and manage performance on social equity outcomes

We will be working closely with the following expert partners on this new project:

We look forward to digging into this topic with our practitioner community and invite you to share any relevant ideas, challenges, and learnings. You can learn more about the project and get involved via our discussion board here,  and we will share updates in future newsletters.

Additionally, the 2024-2025 Strengthening Impact Management Cohort with Professor Cathy Clark will feature an intentional but not exclusive focus on social equity, including gender and racial equity, with special co-facilitator Erika Seth Davies. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, check out the 2024-2025 SIM brochure and program page on our website, and send us an email at to set up an introductory conversation. The deadline to confirm participation is February 28th, 2024, with an expected launch in early April. Feel free to forward to colleagues at other organizations who might be interested!

Impact Performance Reporting: Pilot Recruitment
In 2023 we concluded our series of public consultation webinars on Norms for Impact Performance Reporting. Though we are continuing to gather feedback through forums organized by industry partners, we have begun revising the public consultation draft with the goal of publishing version 1.0 in Q2 2023. Thank you to all who reviewed the draft, participated in a webinar, contributed to the discussion board, or otherwise provided feedback!
Additionally, we are planning to launch a free, facilitated program in 2024 for preparers, users, and reviewers of impact reports to individually and collectively pilot the Norms, receive implementation support, share learnings, workshop solutions to challenges, and provide feedback. If you are interested in participating or would simply like to learn more, please send us an email at

Sneak Peak: Public Consultation Launch for Impact Portfolio Construction
Are you an asset owner or allocator looking to incorporate impact into asset class allocation? Stay tuned for a special newsletter later this month announcing the launch of our public consultation draft on Impact Portfolio Construction!

Investor Contribution 2.0
Through this industry consensus-building effort, Impact Frontiers and The Predistribution Initiative (PDI)  are developing resources that can support investors in measuring, managing, and reporting their positive and negative contributions to impact and systematic risk. We invite you to view the first two products of this project: a case study illustrating British International Investment’s (BII) intended positive contribution in action and a template to evaluate positive intended contribution. Stay tuned for the white paper and final disclosure template focused on investor contribution through investment structures and governance for PE, PD, and VC (which is primarily focused on potential negative impacts) in early 2024. If you think you might be interested in piloting either of the two templates, please view the current versions here and reach out to us at:

2024-2025 Cohort Opportunities
2024-2025 Strengthening Impact Management Cohort
Asia Cohort 
We are also excited to offer and begin recruiting for a Strengthening Impact Management cohort program specifically for investors based in Asia.
If you are interested in either of these opportunities, send us an email at to set up an introductory conversation.
See here for a full list of our current and past cohorts.
Please forward to others that you think might be interested!

In Case You Missed It
We recently published a white paper presenting the results of our public consultation on modifications and clarifications to the “ABC” of impact, increasing the clarity of the concepts and facilitating consistency in usage by practitioners.
Additionally, in 2023 Impact Frontiers and Impact Capital Managers launched a new open-access course titled “Impact for Decision-Making,” an online curriculum on impact-financial integration. We encourage you to check out this open-access Online Curriculum if you haven’t already and pick a few videos to watch – or work your way through all of them – then start a conversation at your own organization about how you might pull impact out of its “silo” and integrate it with financial risk and return to drive decision-making.

The Turner MIINT Program Prepares for Spring Competition
The Turner MIINT team is recruiting volunteer judges for the annual spring Turner MIINT Final Competition, which will be held on April 5-6, 2024 at The Wharton School in Philadelphia. The event is the culminating experience of the Turner MIINT program, allowing student teams the opportunity to present recommendations to an Investment Committee composed of industry leaders for a potential investment of up to $50,000 in the presented company. On the day of the event, judges will observe and score five-six 10-minute student presentations. Judges should have at least two years of professional experience as an investor, entrepreneur, or impact professional. If you are interested in volunteering for the competition as an in-person judge to evaluate early stage impact investments, please email the Program Director, Adwoa Asare at

Onwards and upwards to the Efficient Impact Frontier!

Impact Frontiers Team

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