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Now Published:Impact Performance Reporting Norms Version 1
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Through the Impact Management Project (IMP), thousands of practitioners came together to agree on a shared understanding of impact.

From 2016 to 2018, the Impact Management Project (IMP) convened a Practitioner Community of over 3,000 enterprises, investors and experts to build global consensus on how we measure, improve and disclose our positive and negative impacts (otherwise known as “impact management”). This consensus provides a common logic to help enterprises and investors understand their impacts on people and the planet, so that they can reduce the negative and increase the positive. Following the planned conclusion of the IMP in 2021, the impact management norms have moved to Impact Frontiers.

What is Impact Frontiers?

Impact Frontiers is a learning and market-building collaboration for investors seeking to manage their social and environmental impacts and incorporate impact into investment decision-making. We provide resources, space for community discussions, and a cohort model that supports learning by doing.


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Impact for Investment Decision-Making

We create practical tools and peer-learning communities that support investors in building their capabilities for managing impact and integrating impact with financial data, analyses, and processes. We lead with questions, and facilitate interactions that help investors come up with their own answers, based on their own strategy, context and data.

Collaboration unlocks learning and innovation in addressing social and environmental challenges.

We facilitate consensus-building in areas in which standards and guidance do not yet exist, by aggregating, synthesizing, and sharing new practices that can help investors to increase their impact.



Impact Frontiers publishes Impact Performance Reporting Norms Version 1


Impact Frontiers impact financial integration
Guidance for Investors

Impact–Financial integration: A Handbook for Investors

Impact Frontiers Stanford social review
Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2020

How investors can integrate social impact and financial performance to improve both

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Getting Started

Impact Frontiers Getting Started Investors Toolkit

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Case Study

Portfolio-Level Impact Scoring: A Case Study of British International Investment

Impact Frontiers water equity growth strategy
Case studies of Impact Financial integration

WaterEquity Case Study: Setting Portfolio Growth Strategy

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Case studies of Impact-Financial integration

Webinar with Calvert Impact Capital

Every investment has impact, and every investor can manage impact.

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