CDFIs Integrating Racial Equity Case Study

Impact Ratings with Catherine Dun Rappaport

In this webinar, Catherine Dun Rappaport explains what an impact rating is and best practices for building and integrating impact ratings into investment processes, and walks through an example of […]

Social Impact Rating (SIR) + REAPP Impact Rating Tool

This tool integrates BlueHub’s Social Impact Rating (SIR) and REAPP impact rating into a single rating that serves as one of many inputs into BlueHub’s investment process. The SIR component […]

REAPP Impact Rating Tool

Developed by Catherine Dun Rappaport (while she was at BlueHub Capital) and in collaboration with Impact Frontiers, the REAPP Rating Model allows the results collected from the REAPP survey to […]

REAPP Introduction + Survey Questions

Designed by Catherine Dun Rappaport while at BlueHub Capital, REAPP (Racial Equity Assessment that is Proactive and Practical) is a tool that enables lenders to understand the extent to which […]

Impact Evaluation and Impact Measurement – Guest Session

This is a recording of a guest session on Impact Evaluation and Impact Management with some of the leading experts in the field: Jane Reisman (Founder of ORS Impact), Veronica […]

Innovations for Poverty Action: The Mis-measure of Impact

In this session, IPA reviews an impressive body of empirical work on impact causality and counterfactual analysis to argue that investors should either go big or go home with impact […]

Introduction to the Efficient Impact Frontier

This video introduces the concept of the efficient impact frontier and explains the value of integrating impact and financial analysis.

Portfolio-Level Impact Scoring: A Case Study of British International Investment

British International Investment (BII) is the UK’s development finance institution, with a history that goes back to 1948.1 BII has entered 2022 with a new name, a new strategy, and […]

Negative investor contribution: A summary of discussions with the IMP Practitioner Community

This document synthesises the perspectives expressed by the IMP’s Practitioner Community on the subject of negative investor contribution. It also proposes a draft set of metrics for measuring, managing and […]

Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit

The Natural Capital Protocol is a decision making framework that enables organizations to identify, measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on natural capital.

Impact Investing Principles for Pensions

Together with Pensions for Purpose, the Impact Investing Institute developed four guiding principles for pension schemes that give an accessible, practical insight into the opportunity presented by impact investing and […]