Impact Frontiers Catherine Dun Rappaport

Catherine Dun Rappaport

Senior Advisor

Catherine Dun Rappaport oversees efforts to understand and increase BlueHub Capital’s impact. She leads BlueHub’s performance measurement and management projects, and she oversees evaluations of BlueHub lending and initiatives. Catherine collaborates with leaders across the organization to share related insights and to develop strategies for applying lessons learned.

Catherine is BlueHub’s in-house expert in practical and applied research. She has a 20-year track record conducting action-oriented evaluations, helping funders and practitioners apply findings to enhance performance, and assuming leadership roles at mission-driven organizations. Her work has been published in professional journals and on government websites. She also is a frequent presenter at national conferences on evaluation, philanthropy, and innovation in impact measurement.

Catherine has spent her career catalyzing and supporting positive social change. Prior to BlueHub, Catherine served as the Vice President of Learning and Analytics at the United Way of Mass Bay and as a senior research consultant at Abt Associates. Catherine overhauled United Way’s systems for determining how to allocate over $45MM of funding to nonprofit organizations in a way that simplified the process, rewarded performance and increased transparency and equity. She was asked to serve as a senior strategic advisor to senior organizational leadership in recognition of this work. At Abt, Catherine led evaluation and technical assistance projects focused on economically disadvantaged children and families and on supporting the low-wage workforce. She helped clients utilize findings to enhance organizational performance and to improve client outcomes. Catherine also has five years of direct experience working in community-based organizations that support low-income children and parents. As a young professional, she founded and ran a local chapter of Read to a Child.

Catherine graduated with honors from Amherst College and received a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School.

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