Impact Frontiers Akira Nakahara

Akira Nakahara

Senior Advisor

Akira is a multi-cultural immigrant and entrepreneurial creative who has dedicated his career to storytelling strategy for social change and cultural impact.

He is a founding partner and former Head of Creative at A/B, a NYC-based, POC-led storytelling studio creating new narratives about people, power, and social change to transform our politics and the economy. At A/B, Akira built an organization dedicated to creating powerful, data-driven, inclusive campaigns and brands that propelled social justice movements, individuals and ideas forward.

Akira has consulted for some of the most impactful organizations in the world that have shaped our beliefs and actions around human rights, immigration, housing, healthcare, education, racism, inclusive economies, voting, and socially conscious business. Past partners and projects have included Human Rights Watch, Doctors of the World, Southern Poverty Law Center, Common Future, B Lab, Win Black, Million Voters Project, Mozilla, Amnesty International, Ultraviolet.

As a writer and as a musician, he has has led efforts to connect fellow artists in North America by creating more inclusive and supportive creative communities. Akira works closely with cultural institutions, brands and non-profit organizations to challenge existing divides and build richer opportunities for artists in all spaces.

Akira has an Honors B.A. in History and English from the University of Toronto and is currently based in New York City.

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