The Efficient Impact Frontier

Module Overview What does ‘optimized’ performance look like? How can I know whether I am leaving impact, financial returns, or both on the table? The concept of the Efficient Impact Frontier offers a twist on the efficient frontier from Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). In MPT, an ‘efficient’ portfolio offers the greatest financial return for a […]

Introduction to Impact Ratings

Module Overview What is an impact rating? How can impact ratings inform investment decision-making? An impact rating is a weighted sum of indicators that collectively cover multiple dimensions of impact. The process of creating an impact rating challenges investors to formalize the assumptions, intuitions, and value judgments about impact that they may currently be making […]

Course Overview & Goals

Module Overview What is ‘impact-financial integration’? How does impact-financial integration enable impact-informed decision-making? This module provides an overview of impact-financial integration and a roadmap for the rest of the course. Key Takeaways Course Materials Additional Resources Key Takeaways The purpose of impact-financial integration is to build impact management processes that inform decision-making at each stage […]