Impact Ratings Math

Module Overview How do impact ratings combine information about each dimension into an overall rating? How can investors ensure their impact rating prioritizes the right kinds of investments? Once you have set up scoring criteria for each dimension of impact, you will need to decide how to calculate an overall rating for each investment based […]

Investor Contribution

Module Overview When we invest for impact, are we aligning our portfolios with our values, changing the world, or both? This module focuses on Investor Contribution. In Module 9, we considered what outcomes stakeholders would have experienced in an enterprise’s absence. In this module, we will consider what outcomes stakeholders would have experienced in the […]

Impact Risk

Module Overview What is the likelihood that an enterprise’s impact will differ from expectations? This module focuses on Impact Risk. Like its financial counterpart, Impact Risk assesses the likelihood that an enterprise’s impact performance will diverge from expectations. The Impact Management Project, in collaboration with Social Value International, identified nine types of impact risk for […]

Enterprise Contribution

Module Overview How can investors assess whether companies are causing changes for stakeholders and the natural environment that likely would not have occurred otherwise? This module considers how to build Enterprise Contribution into an impact rating. Enterprise Contribution deals with outcome counterfactuals: what outcome would stakeholders have experienced in the absence of this enterprise? This […]


Module Overview This module focuses on the Who dimension of an impact rating. The Who dimension lends important context to the What and How Much dimensions: an investor might value a certain amount of impact more or less based on the characteristics of the stakeholders that experience it. We’ll use the concept of an outcome […]

How Much

Module Overview This module tackles the How Much dimension of our impact rating template. The How Much dimension can be thought of as an extension of the What dimension: here, we consider how much of the kind of impact – the What – associated with an investment has happened, is happening, or is expected to […]


Module Overview How do investors translate impact goals into an impact rating? Where do they start? Modules 6 through 12 provide a step-by-step guide of the key concepts, questions, and challenges involved in building an impact rating, using an impact rating template built on the Five Dimensions of Impact framework from the Impact Management Project. […]