Constituent Voice Methodology

This publication explores the use of ‘Constituent Voice’ for engaging stakeholders.

Feedback Labs

Feedback Labs advocates for feedback loops to understand stakeholder perspectives.

Social and environmental scorecards

This database maps existing tools and resources that are useful for managing impact to achieve the SDGs.

A Shared Convention for Impact Management

Shared fundamentals help investors and enterprises understand the different options available to them within each asset class, and enable them to build portfolios that match intentions and constraints with financial […]

Mapping a portfolio by its effects on people and planet

This report explains how PGGM has mapped a portfolio of products by its impacts  on people and the planet using the Investor’s Impact Matrix

Constructing a portfolio on the efficient impact-financial frontier

This report provides guidance for individual funds within a single asset class who are looking to build a portfolio with both financial and impact goals.

How do we know if impact has occurred?

This report explores how collecting evidence of impact is important for impact management.

Incorporating impact goals into traditional asset allocation

This report explores a series of model portfolios that incorporate impact considerations into asset allocations to achieve desired impact goals.

How people describe the impact they experienced

This report help us to understand what people’s expectations are when buying or engaging with products or services.

Emerging Consensus about Impact Goals

Through the consensus-building efforts of the IMP, people around the world have been sharing their understanding of impact, and their insights into how we can talk about our impact goals […]

Supplementary Guidance on Stakeholder Involvement

This report provides guidance on using feedback and involvement by people experiencing impact to help us identify the most important outcomes being delivered/needed.

Demonstrating Additionality

This publication provides the key principles for demonstrating additionality in private sector development initiatives.