Principle 3: Value The Things That Matter

Principle 1: Involve Stakeholders

5 Myths about the Efficient Impact Frontier

Brief Introduction to the Efficient Impact Frontier

The Five Dimensions of Impact

Impact Management Norms

CDFIs Integrating Racial Equity Case Study

Impact Ratings with Catherine Dun Rappaport

In this webinar, Catherine Dun Rappaport explains what an impact rating is and best practices for building and integrating impact ratings into investment processes, and walks through an example of an Excel-based impact rating model used by BlueHub Capital to calculate impact ‘scores’ for prospective investments. Catherine is Vice President of Impact Advisory at Social […]

Impact ratings: Quantified, not monetized

This document summarizes the conversations that took place with the IMP’s Practitioner Community around the usage, benefits and challenges of impact ratings.

Impact-financial integration: a handbook for investors

Impact Frontiers, an initiative of the IMP, is pioneering new ways to integrate impact management with financial management – now summarised in this investor handbook.

Emerging consensus on investor contribution

Everyone knows that enterprises have enormous impacts on people and the planet, but what do investors specifically add to those impacts? The IMP is facilitating discussions around investor contribution via the use of this discussion document.

Toward the efficient impact frontier

This original article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, which explains how investors can use tools from mainstream financial analysis to calibrate the role that subsidies play in their investing practice, is what has led to the beginning of the Impact Frontiers Collaboration, now incubated within the IMP.