Classifying a company’s types of impact on people and the planet

This webinar discusses how the impact management norms can help enterprises to better understand their impacts positive and negative impacts on people and the planet, so that they can work to reduce the negative and increase the positive.


Perspectiva general del Impact Management Project (el Proyecto de Gestión de Impacto)

Using self-reported data for impact measurement

This guide shows how surveying can be used to collect data for each of the five dimensions of impact.

Impact of an enterprise template

Actis created its own rating system, the Actis Impact Score, to help investors make comparisons across sectors and geographies throughout their portfolios. Actis used the norms agreed through the IMP’s consensus-building work to create a framework that considers all dimensions of impact.

Constituent Voice Methodology

This publication explores the use of ‘Constituent Voice’ for engaging stakeholders.

Feedback Labs

Feedback Labs advocates for feedback loops to understand stakeholder perspectives.

Social and environmental scorecards

This database maps existing tools and resources that are useful for managing impact to achieve the SDGs.

A Shared Convention for Impact Management

Shared fundamentals help investors and enterprises understand the different options available to them within each asset class, and enable them to build portfolios that match intentions and constraints with financial and impact goals.

How do we know if impact has occurred?

This report explores how collecting evidence of impact is important for impact management.

How people describe the impact they experienced

This report help us to understand what people’s expectations are when buying or engaging with products or services.