Sequence 04
Module 13

Integrated Scatterplots: Construction & Analysis

Module overview

Now that you have an impact rating, what do you do with it? Integrate it with your measures of financial risk and return to make decisions!

In Module 3, we introduced the practice of integrating financial return and impact on a single scatterplot, with an investment or portfolio’s risk-adjusted financial return on the y-axis, and its risk-adjusted impact on the x-axis.

The impact rating you built in Modules 6 – 12 will help you determine an investment or portfolio’s position on the x-axis; in this module we will discuss some of the ways that past Impact Frontiers cohort members have approached the y-axis, and then explore the insights that can be gleaned from integrated impact-financial data, and the decisions that those insights can inform.

Risk-adjusted Financial Return Metrics

Integrated Scatterplot Analysis


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