ONLINE LEARNINGThe Online Curriculum is an open-access educational platform designed to help you understand the principles of impact-financial integration and integrate them into your investment practices

In partnership with the Impact Capital Managers with the support of the Tipping Point Fund.
Impact-Financial Integration
This sequence discusses how to construct, analyze, and synthesize decision-making rules from integrated scatterplots.
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Impact at the Portfolio & Investment Levels
This sequence explores how to integrate impact alongside financial risk and return throughout your process, from portfolio-level goal-setting to investment-level decision-making.
Module 4:

Impact at the Portfolio-level

  • Portfolio impact goals: the What, Who, and Contribution dimensions
  • Integrated portfolio dashboards
  • Integrated portfolio performance targets
Module 5:

Impact at the investment level

  • Integrated pipeline screens
  • Impact ratings, integrated scatterplot analysis, and investment approval
  • Portfolio performance & investment process adjustments
  • Case study: Frontiers Foundation
Building an Impact Rating
This sequence walks through a step-by-step process for building an impact rating using the 5 Dimensions of Impact.
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Impact for Decision-Making
This sequence provides an overview of the curriculum and introductions to impact ratings and the efficient impact frontier.
Module 13:

Integrated Scatterplots: Construction & Analysis

  • Risk-adjusted Financial Return Metrics
  • Analyzing Scatterplots
  • Synthesizing Decision Rules
Module 14:


  • Impact for Decision-making
  • Five Steps of Impact-financial Integration
  • Next Steps

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