Using self-reported data for impact measurement

This guide shows how surveying can be used to collect data for each of the five dimensions of impact.

Impact of an enterprise template

A Shared Convention for Impact Management

Shared fundamentals help investors and enterprises understand the different options available to them within each asset class, and enable them to build portfolios that match intentions and constraints with financial and impact goals.

Emerging Consensus about Impact Goals

Through the consensus-building efforts of the IMP, people around the world have been sharing their understanding of impact, and their insights into how we can talk about our impact goals in a way that everyone understands.


影响力的管理有赖于我们对不同的人究竟受到何种影响的认知,这其中就包括:受影响的人,制造影响力的商业人,提供资金、支持和服务的人,以及那些通过政策, 学术或评估而实施影响力的人。

Toward the efficient impact frontier

toward the efficient impact frontier

This original article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, which explains how investors can use tools from mainstream financial analysis to calibrate the role that subsidies play in their investing practice, is what has led to the beginning of the Impact Frontiers Collaboration, now incubated within the IMP.