Negative investor contribution: A summary of discussions with the IMP Practitioner Community

This document synthesises the perspectives expressed by the IMP’s Practitioner Community on the subject of negative investor contribution. It also proposes a draft set of metrics for measuring, managing and disclosing negative investor contribution, for which Impact Frontiers and the Predistribution Initiative are seeking market feedback.

Impact ratings: Quantified, not monetized

This document summarizes the conversations that took place with the IMP’s Practitioner Community around the usage, benefits and challenges of impact ratings.

Impact Monetization

The IMP convened its Practitioner Community to debate the challenges and merits of impact monetization, which are summarized in this discussion document

Standardization in impact management

This paper examines the IMP Practitioner Community’s views on what six elements of impact management can (or can’t) be standardized, following the discussions on the IMP’s discussion forum and corresponding huddles.

Emerging consensus on investor contribution

Everyone knows that enterprises have enormous impacts on people and the planet, but what do investors specifically add to those impacts? The IMP is facilitating discussions around investor contribution via the use of this discussion document.