BEAM Exchange Evidence Map

This database classifies enterprises’ impacts by their level of evidence risk.

GIIN Investors’ Council Pilot: Trends, Findings and Feedback

This report analyses the findings from a pilot carried out by GIIN Investors’ Council where investors tested the practical application of the IMP’s impact management norms.

Toward the efficient impact frontier

toward the efficient impact frontier

This original article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, which explains how investors can use tools from mainstream financial analysis to calibrate the role that subsidies play in their investing […]


Social Spider 就该项目进行了一系列个人访谈和两次焦点小组讨论。访谈和焦点小组以一系列问题和提示为指导,请参见附录。

More than measurement: A practitioner’s journey to impact management

This publication helps investors develop a holistic impact management approach.

Balancing evidence and risk

This publication considers the counterfactual risk in impact bonds.

Lean data field guide

This publication introduces Acumen’s Lean Data measurement technique.

Vulnerability Assessment Methodologies: A review of the literature

This overview of the different methods used to measure vulnerability helps us select the most appropriate tool for understanding our stakeholders.

Baseline Basics

This publication considers how enterprises can conduct reliable and useful baseline studies.

Creating well-defined outcomes

This standard is designed to help organisations know how to collect the information needed about ‘changes’, and how to analyse this information in order to produce a set of well-defined […]

Standards of Evidence for Impact Investing

This paper introduces Nesta Impact Investments Fund and the standards of evidence it uses to ensure its investments make a positive social impact.

Reconstructing baseline data for impact evaluation and results measurement

This publication considers how baseline data can be reconstructed for impact evaluation and results measurement.