La inversión de impacto en España: Oferta de capital, segmentación y características

Un estudio de dimensionamiento del mercado de la inversión de impacto pionero, basado en las clases de impacto del IMP, cuyo objetivo es entender las características y segmentar la oferta de capital de impacto en España. Este estudio ha sido liderado por SpainNAB -The Spanish National Advisory Board for Impact Investment- y realizado por el […]

Annual Impact Report 2020

In its third report of its kind for the Global Impact Pool, Kempen uses the five dimensions of impact to explain the impact of its investments.

Actis created its own rating system, the Actis Impact Score, to help investors make comparisons across sectors and geographies throughout their portfolios. Actis used the norms agreed through the IMP’s consensus-building work to create a framework that considers all dimensions of impact.

Constituent Voice Methodology

This publication explores the use of ‘Constituent Voice’ for engaging stakeholders.

Feedback Labs

Feedback Labs advocates for feedback loops to understand stakeholder perspectives.

Social and environmental scorecards

This database maps existing tools and resources that are useful for managing impact to achieve the SDGs.

Supplementary Guidance on Stakeholder Involvement

This report provides guidance on using feedback and involvement by people experiencing impact to help us identify the most important outcomes being delivered/needed.

Demonstrating Additionality

This publication provides the key principles for demonstrating additionality in private sector development initiatives.

The seven principles of social value

The Principles of Social Value provide the basic building blocks for anyone who wants to make decisions that take this wider definition of value into account.



Poverty Probability Index

The PPI is an easy-to-use poverty measurement tool that allows an organization to compute the likelihood that a household is living below the poverty line by asking a few simple questions about household characteristics and asset ownership.

Evidence Framework

This interactive resource outlines logic models for generating pro-poor impacts.