Principle 8 – Be Responsive (Social Value International)

social value international

Principle 4: Only Include What Is Material

social value international

Principle 3: Value The Things That Matter

social value international

Principle 1: Involve Stakeholders

social value international

Introduction to the Efficient Impact Frontier

This video introduces the concept of the efficient impact frontier and explains the value of integrating impact and financial analysis.

Core business resources

A set of environmental and social goals for businesses based on scientific research.

Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit

The Natural Capital Protocol is a decision making framework that enables organizations to identify, measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on natural capital.

Impact Investing Principles for Pensions

Together with Pensions for Purpose, the Impact Investing Institute developed four guiding principles for pension schemes that give an accessible, practical insight into the opportunity presented by impact investing and the concrete steps trustees can take to pursue an impact investing strategy.

Impact-Financial Integration: A Handbook for Investors 日本語版 概要

IMPのワーキンググループ、Impact Frontiers Collaborationが公表した、「Impact-Financial Integration: A Handbook for Investors」の概要を日本語訳したものです。インパクト投資時のインパクト評価と財務評価の統合をどのように考えるべきか、投資家による実務的な課題と提案がまとまっています。

Impact measurement for complex porfolios

This primer demonstrates how the IMP’s impact management norms can be applied to globally diversified, multi-manager portfolios.

Impact due diligence: Emerging best practices

This report surfaces the shared impact due diligence approaches employed by leading impact investors.

Impact due diligence guide

The Guide is a how-to for engaging in impact due diligence and contains actionable advice and guidance for both novices as well as seasoned experts in impact measurement and management