Impact ratings: Quantified, not monetized

This document summarizes the conversations that took place with the IMP’s Practitioner Community around the usage, benefits and challenges of impact ratings.

Construcción de un portafolio sobre la frontera entre el impacto eficiente y el desempeño financiero dentro de una clase de activo

Cómo puede un gestor de activos trazar su portafolio según los efectos que tiene sobre las personas y el planeta – y qué podemos aprender de esto

Una ilustración sobre cómo podemos construir portafolios en que el impacto y las metas financieras coincidan con las intenciones y limitaciones

Using self-reported data for impact measurement

This guide shows how surveying can be used to collect data for each of the five dimensions of impact.

Building an impact management process for a multi-asset class portfolio

Mapping a portfolio by its effects on people and planet

This report explains how PGGM has mapped a portfolio of products by its impacts  on people and the planet using the Investor’s Impact Matrix

Constructing a portfolio on the efficient impact-financial frontier

This report provides guidance for individual funds within a single asset class who are looking to build a portfolio with both financial and impact goals.

How do we know if impact has occurred?

This report explores how collecting evidence of impact is important for impact management.

Incorporating impact goals into traditional asset allocation

This report explores a series of model portfolios that incorporate impact considerations into asset allocations to achieve desired impact goals.

How people describe the impact they experienced

This report help us to understand what people’s expectations are when buying or engaging with products or services.

资产管理者如何通过其对人和地球环境的影响来绘制其投资组合 – 以及我们可以从中学到什么