Social Impact Rating (SIR) + REAPP Impact Rating Tool

This tool integrates BlueHub’s Social Impact Rating (SIR) and REAPP impact rating into a single rating that serves as one of many inputs into BlueHub’s investment process. The SIR component […]

REAPP Impact Rating Tool

Developed by Catherine Dun Rappaport (while she was at BlueHub Capital) and in collaboration with Impact Frontiers, the REAPP Rating Model allows the results collected from the REAPP survey to […]

REAPP Introduction + Survey Questions

Designed by Catherine Dun Rappaport while at BlueHub Capital, REAPP (Racial Equity Assessment that is Proactive and Practical) is a tool that enables lenders to understand the extent to which […]

Impact ratings: Quantified, not monetized

This document summarizes the conversations that took place with the IMP’s Practitioner Community around the usage, benefits and challenges of impact ratings.